Pinterest to Research Your Family

Research your family
Pinterest is not a site that you will be able to do a lot of research for your family. There are no births, deaths and marriage information on Pinterest. But if you search for the right items, you might find a post with a link to a website with that information. Pin them for future reference.

Family Names
I searched for one of my family names:

The pins that came up had the words "down", "downing" and "don't" in it. Not helpful at all!
So Pinterest isn't good for last names.

I then searched for a location of my ancestors.
I typed in
     County Galway Ireland

Now I got great pins.
   Places to visit
   Scenic places
   Places to stay

These pins are great if I am going to go there for a genealogy trip. Places to stay, places to see.
Churches were also listed.That is great for records.

Even if you aren't going there in the next year, pin these. These are pins you might want to pin for future reference.

I add the word map to the previous search.
     County Galway Ireland map

Now I have many different maps. Some of the maps are all of Ireland, some of just County Galway in Ireland and some of County Galway by itself.

I then changed the word map to churches
     County Galway Ireland churches

Not all the churches are useful although very beautiful.

I then changed the word churches to genealogy
    County Galway Ireland genealogy

Now I got lots of great posts of history and old photos.

Pin the posts you like into different boards ready to refer to later when you are ready.

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