Wall Photo Family Tree

After researching a variety of layouts on Pinterest, I created our family tree on a wall.
I have them all available at:

There are a lot of different layouts and some magnificent trees. I didn't have the wall to make some of those.

I thought about making my own tree because I couldn't find one of those removable sets but Wal-Mart came through.

There are 6 generations on this wall.
The two at the bottom of the tree are our parents. We are to the right, our granddaughters to the left. Above our parents is their parents and then their grandparents. There is only one couple missing in the six generations.

The empty frames are being printed.

I bought all the same frames on sale from Michaels. The plaque and word family are also from Michaels.

Someone on #AncestryHour said they were getting their daughter to paint a tree for her. 

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