Ancestor's Trading Cards

FreeUKGenealogy [@FreeUKGen] shared their following post during #AncestryHour and I love it.
Create a trading card for each of the ancestors with photos and information.
  • Great Family activity
  • Great way for kids to get to know their ancestors and teach the next generation.
  • Great way to involve kids in genealogy and get excited about it

If you do this, I would love you to add a photo below in the comment section or a link to a photo of the finished items.


1 comment:

  1. Now we just need a game where you can make them battle.
    "I put my great-great grandfather Bobby on the board! As a physician, he heals all my other ancestors 5 hit points per turn while he's active!"
    "Oh yeah? Well I place my great-aunt Beatrice, an actress, who inspires all my other ancestors to deal double damage!"