Blogging A to Z: Genealogical Websites L

L is for 

Library and Archives Canada
Canadian census, military, homestead, immigration records and training on these topics and general genealogy.
The best place to start for Canadian records.

These are websites I know, have used and found helpful. There are many more.
If you have other favourite sites that start with the letter L, please add to the comments below.

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Websites change. These are correct as of 2019.


  1. I believe you meant to write "Library and Archives Canada" but "Library and Census Canada" also has a good ring to it! ha!

    1. Thank you!! I have now changed it.
      Thank you for making me feel better with the "good ring to it"

  2. I don't think I have any ancestors in Canada, but I have sometimes thought one particular line might have come through there.

  3. Cool. Now you know where to look just in case.