DNA Case Study for Father's Paternal Line

My father was born in 1934. His mother was not married at the time. She never told him who his father was.

His mother married and when he was 7 his stepfather adopted him.
His stepfather was from Denmark.

I researched [in the mid-1980s] his mother's line back to the first three landowners of Canada.

I have done an Ancestry DNA test.
Unfortunately, there were no surprises on my DNA test that would help determine the nationality of his father.
My grandmother lived with her family on a farm outside of town in northwest Ontario. My father and her siblings believe that it might be a seasonal farm hand but my dad was born at the beginning of August so it would have been in November.

I have uploaded my results to MyHeritage.

My grandmother is one of 16 children. I have lots of cousins, making for lots of DNA hits.

I am going to have to go through each of the over one thousand matches to try to find a relative of my Paternal grandfather. I will post what and how I am doing, how I am organizing my results and what I learn on each stop along the way.

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