DNA Case Study for Father's Paternal Line

Post No. 2
Once I received the results from Ancestry, I followed everyone's suggestion to downloaded the file and then upload to other sites.

I uploaded to GEDMatch. [Merged with Genesis]

After creating a free account I uploaded the file.
I then selected the One-to-many DNA comparison (V2-A)
I received a list of 3000 names. (I am related to half of Quebec)
Here are the top 5 matches.
(The names have been deleted to protect the innocent)

Largest Seg Total
94.6 539.9 2.4
92.8 385.3 2.6
86.0 282.0 2.8
44.6 122.0 3.4
49.3 118.9 3.5

Numbers 1-3 and 5 are related and managed by the same email.
I know who number 4 is. A different family, my Paternal Grandmother's line.

I also uploaded to Family Finder.

The same four people appeared near the top with the same numbers. The others I know how we are related.

The first person is listed as a 1st - 2nd cousin.
The second and third are listed as 1st - 3rd cousin.
The fifth is listed as 2nd - 3rd cousin.
These relatives are half "cousins" so maybe closer than listed. 

These close relations did not do an Ancestry kit so they are not on Ancestry.

I did the scary thing and wrote them an email to the contact for the 4 names on the list. The person I am closest to is the one who has the email.

I am waiting for a reply.......

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