Rhyming Surnames Missing Person in a Census

Nancy Davis Bancroft Poorman Missing in a Census
Nancy Davis married Timothy Bancroft in Missouri, Timothy died in 1834. She then married John Poorman. John Poorman dies in the 1840s.

I found her in the census records until 1850. I couldn't find her. I knew she hadn't died because she came up later in other records. Where could she be? I also knew she hadn't moved because of later records. But she wasn't there.

I then searched for her son Timothy Bancroft and there she was, second on the list.
Martha Johnson 24
Nancy Foreman 43
Eliz Bancroft 23
Presley Bancroft 20
Timothy Bancroft 19
George Bancroft 18
Juliet Bancroft 17
Malvina Foreman 16
Nancy Foreman 15
John Foreman 14
John J Johnson 13
Harvey Dillon 29
Marshal Cook 26
James Blake 22
George Buel 20

Nancy Foreman is Nancy Poorman. All the Foreman's listed here are Poorman's.

Two items to learn from this.
1. If you can't find someone in a census whose name has changed, search for a child with the original name.

2. If there is no other name to search what do you do now?
There is a website that might help. Rhymezone

The site is for poets who need a word to rhyme.
This also works for surnames!
This could be used in my example, or something similar or when trying to read handwriting and you know the ending but not sure about the beginning. This would list some ideas for you.

How this works
1.  Go to the site.
2.  In the Word box type in the surname. I typed in Poorman as shown below.

3.  Click on the Search button.
     The screen will appear as below.
You have a lot of words and not many surnames. No problem!
The options at the top of the screen have now changed.

1. At top of the white area is some hyperlinks.
    Click on [Similar sound]. The words "[Similar sound]" are now black, as shown below.
    The list automatically changes to match the new request.
More surnames have now appeared. But we only want surnames.

Note the right column called Categories. We just want the words that are categorized as Name.

1. Click in the filter box above Categories.
2. Type in Name.
    A new list appears with just words categorized as a name.

I believe it is still good to look at all the words without the Name category filter. RhymeZone might not get all of the surnames.
Uncheck phrases but use all categories as another option of finding a name.

Start Searching
Fill in the surname
Review the list. Try the names where needed.
Fill in the Category
Review the list. Try the names where needed.

One fun addition
1. Move your mouse over a surname and pause.
If there is a famous person with the last name a small box appears with their history.

Good News for on the road researching! 
RhymeZone has an Apple and an Android app.

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