Life History: Christmas Present for all Cyber Monday

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

My present to you is a file that will help you write an outline of you life that you can use to prepare to write a life history, or just keep as an outline.

Outline a Life: Hour by Hour
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Several years ago, I taught a genealogy class with these forms. One of the students stated that her sister-in-law had cancer with only a few months to live. She was thrilled with these pages as her sister-in-law had wanted to record some of her life for her children but had no idea on how to begin.

This booklet is to help you write out a person’s life in a brief outline to be used for your life or the life of someone else. The outline process gives you a way to start writing a life history by breaking down and dividing the huge task into little tasks to make the whole process easier. These tasks can be done an hour at a time, whether an hour once a week or once a day. Once you have an outline finished, then start expanding on each subject an hour at a time to write the book! I would suggest taking one subject to write for an hour once a week.

Each page is a foundation for writing a part of someone’s life. These layouts can help you organize life before writing. These organization pages act as a timeline of the life of an ancestor as well as a layout for writing the life history book.

Once a page is filled out you can expand on each item on that page. Once all the pages here are filled out and you have expanded on each, you have a full life history book. This layout could also be the foundation for making videos of your life.


  1. Thank you so much for posting the outline to write a life story. I hope it's okay if I share the information with my writing group (with proper attribution of course!) I am also taking your class at Rootstech this year and am super excited!

  2. Thank you!! That would be wonderful. Add the link to the blog. Other life history ideas under the LifeHistory label.
    Please introduce yourself when you come to my class. Are you coming Wednesday or Saturday?
    This is so exciting!!