Minecraft EducationEdition FamilyHistory Scavenger Hunt

If you have access to Minecraft's Education Edition, then use NPCs to create a scavenger hunt of your family and ancestors.
Instruction on how to customize NPCs are available on my previous post

  1. Designate the area where they will be found. Use a fence or an island, coloured ground, etc.
  2. Hide NPCs in the designated area. 
  3. Create an item that identifies who they are. If they were born in the Netherlands then a windmill.
  4. Change the appearance of each NPC to look like an ancestor. 
  5. Build a house near the NPC that looks like their house or like one they would have lived in. 
  6. Give them a name [optional] Another part of the game might be for them to guess who this ancestor is based on their clothes, the item with them and/or their house. 
I believe the preparation of this game will be just as much fun as playing it, maybe even more.

Player walks around designated area looking for their relatives portrayed by NPCs.

NPC found
Once the player finds a NPC they record in their notebook [part of the Education version] one or all of the following:
  • What they are wearing or their appearance
  • What item is nearby. 
  • What website the URL took them to, or what they learned from the website listed in their description
  • What type of house do they live in. 
  • What did they do when the player right clicked on the NPC.
  • One or each character could give a clue on where to find their spouse, parent or child.

If the game is on a server, home or Minecraft, then multiple people could play at the same time. It could be a race to see who finds everyone the fastest.
If not on a server, use a timer to see who finds everyone the fastest.

Finished Locating
Once the player has visited each ancestor and recorded the clues, the player goes to a location where they have to report what they found. A jewel or rock could be at each person's location that they need to collect and bring back.

Have each child and parent create a character and each family members find everyone else's characters.

Advanced Game
Have interaction items to answer questions when they get back to the start. Right click's on right answers, and some programming would make the ending a little harder for older players.

If you make this game for your family, I would love to see it.
What options did you do? What were the rules? What did they have to find?
Please take a screenshot [snipping tool] and add below!! I would love to see them.
Or Tweet the pic and include me @liannekruger

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