Evernote: D is for Duplicate Note

If I create the check box list note from the C day (of yesterday) and I leave it blank it would be nice to be able to quickly make a duplicate of that note for each of my ancestors or each time I need that list. There are two ways to do this.

Duplicate a Note
1. Right-Click on the note you want to duplicate. The following menu appears.

2. Click on Duplicate Note.

A duplicate of your note is made. It is placed right above the note you just duplicated.
You can now make changes to the new note and the original is left unchanged.

Copy a Note
Sometimes you want to have the copy in another Notebook.

1. Right Click on the note you want to copy. The same menu appears.

2. Click on Copy Note. 

The window on the right appears showing all the Notebooks you have created in Evernote.

3. Click on the Notebook you want the duplicate to be saved in.

4. Click Copy.

A duplicate of the note is now in the Notebook selected.

Notebook will be explained on day N for Notebook.

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