Evernote: C is for Check boxes.

I love to do lists. When I am done with an item on the list, I like to be able to check it off, indicating that it is done. In genealogy we have lots of to dos lists.

We can make a "to do" list for a specific person such as the following:

1. Type in the title or instructions you want before the check boxes.

2. On the toolbar at the top, click on the Checkbox icon. An empty check box appears.

3. Type in your list of to dos.

4. Hit Enter. Continue typing in the to do list.

5. Hit Enter twice when you are done your list.

When you complete an item in your list, click inside the box and a check mark will appear!!

T is for Template. I will explain how to make this a template within Evernote.

The menu also allows you to check all boxes or uncheck boxes.

1. Put your inside the checkbox list.

2. Click on the Format menu.

3. Click on To-Do. The following menu appears.

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