Evernote: B is for Business Cards

Are you tired of collecting business cards and having them around?
If you have a business then you know the cost of printing business cards.

1. Open Evernote app.

2. Click and hold the + plus sign.

3. Slide finger to the photo icon.

4. Position phone over business card.

5. Click on the white circle to take the picture of the card.

The card is now a note.

On the left below is what my business card looks like in here.
On the right is what Evernote put on the top of the business card in the note.
Your email address, twitter account, etc. I don't have a phone number on the card so it is blank.

I believe the 'P is the tree in the middle of the name. It just doesn't know what it is.
Now you can search for items on your business card.

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