Evernote: A is for Apps

A is for Apps

Evernote is available on several platforms. 
Computer The version of Evernote on your computer is the main one.
  • Website 
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • iPad
  • Tablets
There are three packages available. Start with the free package to get used to what Evernote works, how it can help you, and decide whether you like this package. 

Plans are always changing. Click on the following link to find the updated plans, cost and 

iPhone screen

iPad / Tablet screen

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  1. Hi, Lianne, I do use Evernote but only tried it briefly on my phone. I'm on the phone a lot but found the Evernote app didn't seem to suit. I should have another look as that was a while ago. Hope all is going well with you.