Evernote: V is for Version and Paste Destination Formatting

Evernote keeps track of when a note was created and the versions of the note.

To find out the note's version

1. Click on the i (with a circle around it)  in the top right hand corner.

The following appears

V is also for CTRL / Shift / V
This shortcut will paste text that you have copied into the blackboard

1. Select the text you want to Copy or Cut.

2. Copy or Cut the item.

3. Click in the location you want to paste the text into.

4. Press CTRL / Shift / V

The text is pasted at the cursor point with the formatting of the new location.
If the text was formatted such as a different color, bold, italic or any other kind of formatting, using these keys will paste it with the formatting of the new location instead.

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