Les Filles à Marier

I had fun checking out if I have an ancestor that was a Les Filles à Marier. Translation means Girls to Marry. In 1634 through September 1663, 262 girls came from France to marry men in New France. They came just before the Filles du Roi. More information on website below.

I had known about these girls but had never checked to see if any of them were my ancestors. I found a list on the American-French Genealogical Site!

When I did my French Canadian genealogy, I created a binder of my ancestors who were from France. They are each the Earliest Known Ancestor (EKA) and brick wall for each line.

Each page was of one of these ancestors with what I knew and room on the sheet to put more information as I did research on them.

There is 130 people in this binder. I took this binder and searched on the following webpage to see if I had any of the Filles à Marier ancestors.


I found four of them!! They are:

Gabrielle Barre married Guillaume Landry

Marie Chapelier married Robert Drouin

Anne Martin married Jean Cote

Madeleine Surget married Jean Clement-LaPoint

The next thing I need to do is create a list of my line from me back to each of these ladies. Then I can order a certificate and a pin (shown on right) from American-French Genealogical Society. Information on the same website page listed above.

Let me know below if you are related to any of them!

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