Make your RootsTech cousins a "Friend"

The following shows you how to add your RootsTech cousins to your friend list so you can connect after RootsTech, until March 15, 2021. Limit of 150 so choose wisely. 
On the Home page scroll down to the world picture. 

Click on the Join Relative at RootsTech button. 

FamilySearch opens up in another tab on your browser. 

The world map is on the right and the following menu is on the left. 

Filter by lines
Click on the triangle beside the location bar. 
The Maternal and Paternal options appear. 

Click on Maternal and now up to 300 maternal relatives appear
Click on Paternal and up to 300 paternal relatives appear. 

Filter by Location
Click on the All Locations bar. 
The counties in the world that you have relatives in now appear with the number of relatives that live in that country in brackets. 

Click on the country. The list of cousins now appears for that country only, up to 300 cousins. 

Add to Friends
Click on the cousin's name. 
The following appears under their name
Click the + Add Friend to add them to your friend list in FamilySearch. 

They will be your friend until March 20, 2021.

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