First Nation resources

In Canada, we call those who others would refer to as Native American or Indian as First Nations.
Here are some great resources when trying to research First Nation family history.

Canada First Nations Genealogy Research Facebook Page

This Facebook page has not been updated since 2016 but the entries have links to some great resources. 

Native American Nations website
This is a great website to find out what Canadian Indian Tribes are located in Canada. 
There is a page of tribes for each province and territory listing the tribes with a link to their website, their address and phone numbers. 

FamilySearch wiki has a page for Canada First Nations with many links, history, resources and information. 

When doing First Nation genealogy in Canada, you may read or hear the term Metis. This word comes from the Latin word mixtus 'mixed' to the French word  Métis. Pronounced may-tee. During the 1700 and 1800s many French-Canadian fur traders married native women. The children and descendants are known as Métis. To learn more check out the following pages. 

The Canadian Encyclopedia

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