Evernote: T is for Table of Contents

There are a couple of reasons for creating a Table of Contents
  • If you are writing a story or a book it is good to have a Table of Contents 
  • If you want to have a list of all related notes for a surname, location or subject 
  • To create a list of all certificates or census records or related items in one note. 
A. Select all the notes that you want in the table of contents. 

To select adjacent notes (notes beside each other)
1. Click on the first note.
2. Hold down the Shift key
3. Click on the last note.
4. Let go of the Shift key. 
    All notes are now selected. 

Select notes that are not adjacent to each other
1. Click on the first note.
2. Hold down the CTRL key.
3. With the CTRL key down select the notes you want included.
4. When all cells selected, let go of the CTRL key.

Once the notes are selected the following appears on the right.
The items at the top are little versions of the notes you have selected. 

5. Click Create Table of Contents Note

A new note is created which contains the title of the notes selected.
Each title is a hyperlink to that note. Very handy to find specific notes.


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